Health Care Professionals

  • Help Your Patients Manage Diabetes.
  • Assist Patients With Weight Loss Goals.
  • Trust Our Doctor-Developed, Clinically Proven Products.
  • Enjoy Outstanding Professional Support.
  • Recommend Simple, Affordable, Accessible Solutions.


By ADA and CDC estimates, nearly 26 million people in the US suffer from diabetes and 33.8% of American adults are obese. Many of these people require medical treatment and depend on the advice of health care professionals for management of their diabetes or their weight. Because of the unique, clinically proven benefits of Extend Nutrition products, they are ideal solutions for health care practicioners in search of cutting-edge nutrition products to recommend to patients.




Help Your Patients Manage Diabetes


Our products are clinically proven to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia at night by up to 75% and the risk of morning hyperglycemia by an average of 28%; join the hundreds of professionals that have recommended our products to help their patients manage diabetes.




Assist Patients With Weight Loss Goals


Our products help to reduce the calories consumed at the next meal by 21%; they are ideal solutions for appetite control and for diet management.




Trust Our Doctor-Developed, Clinically Proven Products


Our product formula was invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, a former President of the American Diabetes Association. The benefits of her formula have since been verified by six peer-reviewed clinical studies and are protected by 17 international patents.




Enjoy Outstanding Professional Support


We value the relationships we maintain with health care professionals around the country. By providing samples, coupons and information, we provide all of the resources that you'll need to confidently recommend Extend Nutrition products to your patients.




Recommend Simple, Affordable, Accessible Solutions


Our products are convenient, easy to enjoy, affordable and widely available. Found in Target, Walgreens, and many other popular retail outlets, Extend Nutrition products are easy to both find in stores and enjoy.





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